About Us

5 p.m. is the time of day when you can leave your all-too-corporate office and start being the real you. It is the time of day when you can meet your girls and start enjoying life. When you take the power suit off and slip into a fabulous dress, it is time for the party to start. Life begins after 5 p.m.

We have created a brand for exactly that time of the day. 5 p.m. is a brand to accompany elegant, fearless women to their most exciting moments. It is a Greek debutant fashion brand that draws inspiration from radiant, confident, powerful women who love to party like no one is watching. It stands for those who dare to be themselves and those who dream without limits. 5 p.m. represents a character combining elegant and premium notes while leaving space for creative expression and dancing moves. Clothing pieces that bring the best out of every woman and create a fluent blending of feelings, memories and dreams. Dress it. Own it.

Let the party mode on!


Our origins

We design from scratch getting insired by Greek culture, colours around us and the vibrant Greek nature. We produce in Greece and we sell wholesale and retail in Greece and abroad.

5 p.m. is create by two sisters, a designer and marketer who where born and raised in the family clothing factory. We joined our forces to create clothes for women who love to stand out in any space, especially a crowed party. We are completely differnt but we have one more thing in common: we love clothes that draw everyone's attention. And we want to help women to find them.

Join us!



Are you interested in working with us? We are always happy to grow our team! Send you CV at fivepmfashion@gmail.com